What is Bus Advertising?

Advertising on buses is one of the most attractive forms of advertising on transport. This is a potential form of advertising stickers that businesses are always looking for. The current; bus is a means of public transport that covers most of the country; with a large advertising decal area; This is undeniably the best form of advertising to convey brand messages today.

bus advertising

Large advertising area

Why choose the form of advertising stickers on the bus?

The advertising area on the bus is “huge”: Because the advertising area is larger than other means, businesses can freely create maquette without hesitation; because even if the distance is far, the viewer can still see the content. Especially; When there is a traffic jam, the speed of the bus is very slow; inadvertently a plus point for passersby to pay more attention to the advertising content.
The advertising message repeats continuously: The bus always has a default travel route, starting from 5am to 10pm daily; there are many stops and every day must run continuously on the same road. With such frequency, it makes viewers impressed and remember the brand for a long time.

bus advertising in Viet Nam

Clear maquette, vivid image

Access to many customers at the same time: Anyone can take the bus from the elderly, students, office workers; … and anyone in traffic can see the advertisement on the bus. bus, so in the above series of objects, there will definitely be a group of potential customers interested in your brand.
Viewers are passive before advertising: It can be said that this is one of the outstanding advantages of outdoor advertising. Viewers cannot turn off the ad, they are exposed to it passively; whether there is a need or not.
Cost savings for businesses: Low cost and suitable for many products and services, can be implemented for a long time and bring impressive results.

bus advertising in ho chi minh

Popular forms of advertising stickers on buses

  • Sticking ads on both sides of bus bodies: Being allowed by the State to be implemented throughout the country, this is also the most popular form of advertising stickers. Maquette is designed to stand out to attract the attention of passersby. Compared to taxis, the area of advertising stickers on both sides of the bus body is much larger, so this is also the most prominent strength.
  • Diecut advertising stickers: This form is only applied in Hanoi and Da Nang, although launched later, it is not inferior, even seems to be more dominant than the form of stickers on the two sides of the car. Because; in addition to the maquette that is glued on both sides of the body, it is also allowed to stick another part on the glass door; This is the point to impress the viewer. For the maquette part glued to the glass door, it is printed with a grid decal to ensure that it does not affect the vision of the occupants.

  • Placing ads on car glass overflow: Ho Chi Minh City is currently the only area in the country that is allowed to paste car glass overflow. This is an advantage for businesses when they can make the most of the area for advertising; At the same time, it is also the most expensive point because the service is expensive. With such a large size, passersby can see the entire content clearly from many angles and leave a strong impression with the outstanding maquette.

The company that provides and constructs reputable bus stickers in Vietnam

To choose a reputable unit to carry out bus advertising; Customers will not help but hesitate when in the market there are many units providing this service. We would like to give some criteria that you can consider to choose the right ad unit.

  • The unit has experience: How effective are the advertising campaigns that the unit has implemented; cooperate with any vehicle party; What support services does it provide;… From there, it is possible to evaluate the experience and capacity of the unit that wants to cooperate.
  • Reputable unit: Refer to the information of the advertising unit; Warranty Policy; discount policy; incentives, reviews of customers or partners; … From there you can see the level of prestige that the company has in the market.
    SHOJIKI is an advertising company with many years of experience in implementing outdoor advertising campaigns in general and bus advertising in particular in Vietnam. We have professional staff; quick construction; correct process as well as accurate reporting; honest. Besides; We also carry out periodic maintenance to ensure the quality of advertising during the implementation period.

Besides, SHOJIKI also provides ads inside the car in most locations; as well as a number of large intercity buses such as Phuong Trang; Thanh Buoi when needed.

How do your ads appear on Bus Advertising?

SHOJIKI Advertising Joint Stock Company – is proud to be one of the leading advertising agencies in Vietnam. With professionalism, we are committed to bringing you the most prestigious and effective advertising service along with:

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