Specifications of outdoor LED advertising at AB Tower

Address 76 Le lai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Area features – Nice advertising area, clear observation space, not obscured by trees.

– The area  focuses on office buildings, restaurants, and hotels.

– Located on a major road, important intersections such as Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Hai Ba Trung, Ba Thang Hai,…

– Attract the attention of 90% of road users.

– High-class customer file, densely populated

– There are about 107,911 traffic passing by every day (according to Compass Tech)

Dimension 19.5mH x 14.4mW = 280.8m2
Operating time 16h/ 1 day
Frequency 8 minutes/time/spot (about 240 spots/day) (each spot is 15s long)
Price Contact: (+84) 933 15 99 88

Vị trí quảng cáo LED ngoài trời tại AB Tower

Outdoor LED advertising at AB Tower

To maximize the ability to reach customers, you should choose the location of outdoor advertising LED screens in places with high traffic density. Therefore, you can not skip the screen here. Why?

Outdoor LED advertising at AB Tower in a prime location on the front of Le Lai Street, District 1; near major and important roads of District 3 such as Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Hai Ba Trung, Ba Thang Hai, …and Phu Dong roundabout. It can be said that this is an extremely convenient place to traffic through District 1, District 5, Binh Thanh District, Phu Nhuan District and other neighboring districts.

Therefore, the volume of vehicles moving through this road is very large, especially during the morning and afternoon peak times, the traffic flow is always congested. With this feature, your ad will reach a large number of passersby.

Report on outdoor advertising effectiveness (according to Compass):

Quảng cáo LED ngoài trời tại AB Tower

License sample LED position Ly Chinh Thang made by Compass

This is a sample license at Ly Chinh Thang LED advertising location made by Compass, to have a detailed view of the outdoor LED advertising location at AB Tower, please contact Compass for more details here.

According to Compass Tech, the LED screen is located at AB Tower located in the key economic area of ​​District 1, so around this area are commercial centers, restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops and buildings office; making advertising of businesses with products and services aimed at these target customers more convenient and easier than ever.

Advertising at the LED screen at AB Tower is highly effective, rated A+ by Compass with good visibility in a luxury area with high traffic.

Extremely large screen area up to 280.8m2 with more than 16 million colors and a brightness of about 5500~8500cd/sqm, your advertisement can be illuminated even during the day, and become more vibrant and outstanding when at night.

There have been many big customers contacting advertising at this location and achieved great communication effect. And you?

About Digital Out Of Home advertising:

Digital Out Of Home becoming a new trend of modern advertising. It has many advantages over than other types of traditional advertising:

  • Vivid advertising content with many presentation forms: slides, videos…
  • Sharp, realistic images easily convey the message
  • Feel free to change, adjust the ad as you like
  • Integrated moisture-proof and heat-resistant technology to reduce maintenance costs significantly
  • Save more costs when you don’t have to spend extra money on the production of outdoor hiflex canvas like traditional advertising
Quảng cáo LED ngoài trời tòa nhà AB, 76 Lê Lai

Measurement parameters of outdoor LED advertising positions at AB Tower

How can your ads appear on LED screen AB Tower?

SHOJIKI Advertising Joint Stock Company – is proud to be one of the leading advertising agencies in Vietnam. With the authorization from the city LED screen dealer, we are committed to bringing you the most prestigious and effective advertising service along with:

  • Support service GENERAL CONSULTATION of advertising strategies
  • SUPPORT SERVICE FOR DESIGNING content, advertising images
  • The construction team deploys the advertisement FAST and ONLY
  • WARRANTY mode for the duration of the campaign

In short, LED AB Tower is a great advertising place for your business. That’s why you should place your ads here. By contacting Shojiki, we will provide you with more detailed information about this LED.

Quảng cáo LED ngoài trời tòa nhà AB, 76 Lê Lai, HCM

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Quảng cáo LED ngoài trời tại tòa nhà AB, 76 Lê Lai

Dongfeng’s advertisement on LED screen at AB Tower is impressive, attracting passersby

màn hình led ab tower

Advertise DongFeng brand on AB Tower led screen

quảng cáo led ab tower

Advertising outdoor led screen AB Tower is located in the center of District 1

màn hình điện tử ab Tower

Advertising LED electronic screen at AB Tower, District 1

quảng cáo led vòng xoay phù đổng

This place is considered an outdoor advertising sanctuary, so your ad will be very prominent and get a lot of attention at night.

led ngã 6 phù đổng

LED advertising at Phu Dong Roundabout is always crowded regardless of night or day.

quảng cáo led Ab Tower

Advertising at AB Tower has many different perspectives, better reaching passersby.