In 4.0 technology era  , along with the breakthrough technology services come along. And one of the HOSTEST TECHNOLOGY in the advertising industry is the transparent screen TRP.


Transparent screen is a projection system that includes TRP film affixed to the glass surface, the projector is placed behind and broadcast from NetTop.

This technology is suitable for presentation in showrooms, museums, retail stores, cinemas, commercial centers …

Instead of using traditional advertising methods such as banner, standy, sticker, … now, you can use the presentation solution for the transparent screen TRP with great utilities:

  • Various forms of presentation: 3D images, slides, videos, TVC … with vivid visual effects
  • Change advertising content easily
  • Can rent by hour, by month
  • Save advertising space for stores

  • The display is much cheaper than plasma, LCD and LED displays

More specifically, TRP film also allows the projection of images on the glass by stransparency UP TO 92%, without hindering the vision of customers on the street and in-store employees. With the effect: the greater the distance to the glass – the clearer the image draws attention. Thus, the more customers get closer to the store, the more transparency the product means, which means customers can see the product inside the store.


Total area 13 m2 6 m2 4 m2
Distance from projector to glass (m) 7 5 4
Projector type Laser
Brightness/m2 (Lm/ m2) > 1000
Resolution WUXGA: 1920×1200, 16:10
Contrast 2,500,000 : 1
Colour Reproduction Up to 1.07 billion colors
High Definition Full HD
Legth of life (hour) 20,000

The projector model will be selected according to the project to ensure brightness above 1000 Lm / 1 m2


Please contact us – SHOJIKI Advertising Joint Stock Company – is proud to be one of the leading advertising units in Vietnam. With the authorization from reverse projection agent in Vietnam, we are committed to bringing you the most prestigious and effective advertising service together with:

  • GENERAL CONSULTING support services advertising strategies
  • DESIGN SUPPORT SERVICES content, advertising images
  • Construction team carries out advertising QUICKLY and TRUE (5 days)
  • WARRANTY MODE up to 12,000 hours during the campaign
  • Prefer attractive promotions and CONCEPTS for customers

In addition to Stransparent screen; We also own the latest interactive advertising equipment system on the market today:

  • Holopyramid
  • Virtual marketing staff
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Transparent Matrix
  • Interactive floor
  • Holo refrigerator
  • Hologram fan
  • Transparent screen with many modern technologies
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