Outdoor Advertising, such as transit ad, is effective because it is difficult to ignore. It is also memorable. Capitol Communications Group found that 81.7% of those polled recalled images they saw on a moving multi-image sign. This is compared to a 19% retention rate for static signs.


  • New and modern aircrafts with the total quantity is 20 Airbus 320.
  • Currently: 26 domestic and 1 international routes in Vietnam.
  • In near future: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Korea, Japan, Siem Riep…
  • Rate of passengers per route: over 95%.
  • This is a new, prestigious and potential advertising method.
  • Drive the advertisements to different customer segmentations by fights or destinations.
  • Studies by advertisers have shown that mobile billboards carried by aircraft have a limited local exposure but a high consumer recall and retention rate— in other words, customers who see the ad tend to recall the message or product being displayed at a higher rate than with most other forms of advertising, but the region where the advertisement is displayed is limited to the flight path of the aircraft. The reason for this higher retention rate is unclear, but it can be postulated that it is due to the relatively unusual method in which the advertisement is displayed; the novelty of seeing a message in an unfamiliar way helps consumers to remember the message.
  • A large choice of advertisement on airplane:





Overhead bins 


Overhead wall 


Trolley cart 




Boarding pass 


There are other forms of advertising such as advertising on taxis, advertising on bus, please kindly contact us for further information.