Specifications of Outdoor advertising billboard Cha Ca Mausoleum Intersection, Tan Binh District:

Address Cha Ca Mausoleum Six-Way Intersection

349 Hoang Van Thu Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Area features – The location is crowded with vehicles participating in daily traffic.
– The billboard is located in the heart of the road, the red light is long enough to attract passersby.
– Near Tan Son Nhat airport
– About 250,000 people join traffic every day. (According to Compass Tech)
Dimension 5mW x 8mH = 40 m2
Structure  Walling panel with iron frame, billboard surface with the structure from many type of iron

Including 8 100W LED bulbs and lighting from 6pm to 9pm 

Price Contact: (+84) 933 15 99 88

According to statistics from Compass Tech – Vietnam’s leading outdoor advertising performance measurement company, there are more than 2,7 millions traffics in 2 weeks here.

bang quang cao vong xoay Lăng Cha Cả

Advertising billboard Cha Ca Mausoleum Intersection

Billboard here is in large size and very beautiful for advertising brands. Therefore, your ad will be clearly visible during the day, more vibrant and prominent at night.

About outdoor advertising billboard:

Outdoor advertising billboard at Cha Ca Mausoleum Intersection in particular and outdoor billboards in general are an indispensable form of advertising today. Although it is a traditional form of advertising, outdoor billboards are very important in the product promotion campaigns of brands. Outdoor billboards have many advantages over other types of advertising:

  • Advertising content is always displayed on at a certain location, which makes a strong impression and go deep into the customer’s subconscious
  • High reliability and reputation due to large deployment value and already applied for permission from the authorities about the content of the advertisement
  • High transparency: all advertising content and advertising brands are assessed and managed by advertising laws, departments and agencies.
  • The cheapest cost per view, high repetition frequency because 80% of people have to join traffic and often go on fixed routes.
  • Affirming the brand’s position in the market, increasing the effectiveness of the campaign
  • This type of advertising covers a wide area, very suitable for big brands
  • Helping the urban landscape become more beautiful, more dynamic and more modern

How can your ads appear on outdoor advertising billboard Cha Ca Mausoleum Intersection?

SHOJIKI Advertising Joint Stock Company – is proud to be one of the leading advertising agencies in Viet Nam. We are committed to bringing you the most prestigious and effective advertising service along with:

  • Support service GENERAL CONSULTATION of advertising strategies
  • SUPPORT SERVICE FOR DESIGNING content, advertising images
  • The construction team deploys the advertisement FAST and ONLY
  • WARRANTY mode for the duration of the campaign
  • Attractive DISCOUNTS and SALES for customers

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