What is outdoor LED display advertising?

Outdoor LED screen advertising is a type of digital advertising, it can be said that this type is an upgraded version of the traditional outdoor billboard. LED screen advertising is also known as DOOH – short for Digital Out Of Home. Outdoor advertising LED screens will replace the usual static advertising images into vivid and impressive advertising clips for passersby. With the current advertising trend, LED screens are considered a new type of advertising and bring high efficiency in conveying messages to customers.

Ly Chinh Thang LED Screen

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Working principle of outdoor LED display

Advertising by outdoor led screen works on the principle of rotation and is calculated by the total broadcast time per day. The total broadcast time on LED screens is mostly 14 hours; The unit of calculation is spot, each spot is 30s. Thus, the minimum frequency of advertising clips for 1 brand is 240 spots/day.

LED screen advertising costs are assessed as cheaper than other types of outdoor advertising. Therefore, this form of advertising is suitable for many different brands and reasonable budgets.

Hang Xanh LED

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Outstanding advantages of LED

Convey a variety of messages

One of the undeniable benefits of LED screens is the increased efficiency in transmitting a variety of information with video formats; images, animation… This helps brands have more choices when conveying messages to customers.

led screen nguyen tri phuong, district 5, hcm

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Make a strong impression on viewers

According to statistics of Compass Tech; Pedestrians will be more attracted to the “motions” played on the LED screen than other types of advertising. Advertising content on outdoor LED screens will often have a better and longer impression than old traditional forms of information advertising such as billboards, outdoor billboards, etc. Because advertising on LED screens creates feels like a work of art; makes viewers want to enjoy it actively, not forced to watch.

However, to get the best promotion effect, businesses should consider choosing a video or slide information format suitable for the content they want to convey.

led screen the East Station

Attracting a wide audience

Because the content on the LED screen has the ability to attract good attention, when consumers see advertising; they will easily remember the product and brand of the business, thereby leading to the action of buying or using the services of that promoter.

In addition, according to experts, images with diverse colors and movements will be more attractive than “dead” and monochrome images; Therefore, advertising with LED screens will help businesses get closer to potential customers.

LED screen AB Tower

Exceptional Features

The extremely large resolution with high brightness and vivid color processing ability of LED screens have made the images of businesses more beautiful than any other form such as televisions, projectors, billboards. traditional, … Especially with the form of outdoor advertising, the LED screen is easier to maximize its advantages.

In summary with the above advantages; Outdoor LED screen advertising can be said to be an extremely effective means of conveying and displaying information.

How do your ads appear on outdoor LED screens?

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