Creating a focal point for businesses plays an important role in the fiercely competitive market today. Between many brands, how to attract attention and awareness in the minds of customers is an extremely difficult problem.In this article, Shojiki will introduce you to an extremely simple solution that can bring out a completely unique and novel difference.

    With the most impressive, unexpected and rounded experiences for customers, Shojiki’s solutions will help improve sales and increase brand value for your business.


Interactive floor (i-floor) is a projection system that transforms ordinary floors into interactive surfaces.

Interactive floor with over 100 different miraculous effects such as: flowers, grass, fish, water, smoke … will create interactive games, images to help customers easily feel the special things which product / event / message you want to convey.

Another special feature that this technology brings, is that the content displayed on the floor will change step by step in a fascinating way. In addition, the system is always ready to turn your business’s ideas into reality by software design and programming.

Therefore, it can be said that the interactive floor is considered an indispensable product in every event.

Currently, Shojiki offers up to 2 options to suit each of your needs with extremely INCENTIVE price:

  • Purchase package with warranty (Suitable for showrooms)
  • Rent equipment by day (Suitable for exhibitions, short-term events, …)
    Please contact us – SHOJIKI Advertising Joint Stock Company – is proud to be one of the leading advertising units in Vietnam. With the authorization from the official representative of GEFEST PROJECTION in Vietnam, we are committed to bringing you the most prestigious and effective advertising service together with:

    • GENERAL CONSULTING support services advertising strategies
    • The construction team carries out advertisements QUICKLY and TRUE
    • QUALITY equipment system is imported from Japan
    • Safe and reasonable warranty
    • Prefer attractive promotions and CONCEPTS for customers

    In addition to Information Interactive floor; We also own the latest interactive advertising equipment system on the market today:

    • Holopyramid
    • Virtual marketing staff
    • Interactive kiosk
    • Transparent Matrix
    • Interactive floor
    • Holo refrigerator
    • Hologram fan
    • Transparent screen with many modern technologies
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