1.Advertising mode of outdoor LED display

  1. Outdoor LED screens are gradually becoming a new trend of modern advertising with many advantages that are superior to other traditional advertising types:
    • Vivid advertising content with many presentation forms: slides, videos, …
    • Images show sharp, true, easy to convey messages
    • Option to change, adjust ads as you like
    • Integrated anti-moisture, anti-heat technology helps reduce maintenance costs significantly
    • Save more money when you don’t have to pay extra costs for outdoor hiflex canvas production like other traditional advertising forms
  2. LED screen Phu Dong rotation

And to maximize the accessibility of customers, you should choose the location of outdoor LED advertising screens in places with high traffic density. Therefore, you should not ignore the LED screen of Phu Dong rotation. Why?

With a prime location located on the front of Nguyen Trai Street, District 1; from City center 1km, located in the position where traffic jam can be at any time. Phu Dong rotation between 6 roads: Cach Mang thang Tam, Le Thi Rieng, Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Thi Nghia, Pham Hong Thai and Ly Tu Trong. It can be said that this is an extremely convenient place to circulate through District 1, District 5, District 3, District 4 and other neighboring districts.

Good location of LED screen Phu Dong rotation

          Therefore, the traffic flow through this road is very large, especially during the rushing hour in the afternoon, the traffic flow is always big, with an estimated 1.5 million people passing through every day. With this feature, your ad will reach a large number of road users.

Phu Dong Rotation at rushing hour

Especially, Led Screen of Phu Dong rotation is considered to be the only Led screen at the front of Nguyen Trai street. With this factor, your ad will surely become the most unique and unique in this area.

Large screen area of up to 91m2 with more than 16 million colors and brightness of about 5500 ~ 8500cd / sqm, your ad can be illuminated even in the daytime, and more brilliant, more outstanding when entering night.

Your ad will always stand out regardless of day or night

Technical specifications:

Size:                                      14,4m x 19,5m = 280,8m2

Operation time:                     16 hours / day

Advertising duration:            each spot is 15-30s

Frequency of advertising:    8 minutes/time/spot (about 120spots/day)


There have been many large customers contacting advertising at this position such as Samsung, Emirates, Coca cola, VPBank, Tan Hiep Phat, … and achieved great communication efficiency. And you?
  1. How do your ads appear on LED screens in AB tower, District 1?

Please contact us – SHOJIKI Advertising Joint Stock Company – is proud to be one of the leading advertising units in Vietnam. With the authorization from city LED dealer, we are committed to bringing you the most prestigious and effective advertising service together with:

  • GENERAL CONSULTING support services advertising strategies
  • DESIGN SUPPORT SERVICES content, advertising images
  • The construction team carries out advertisements QUICKLY and TRUE
  • WARRANTY REGIME during the campaigns
  • Prefer attractive promotions and CONCEPTS for customers

Beside that; We also own other  other convenient LED display locations:

  • LED Saigon Bridge, District 2
  • LED screen AB tower, District 1
  • Truong Son LED, Tan Binh District
  • LED 120-122 Le Loi, District 1
  • LED 14 Le Lai, District 1

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