In the crowded cities in Vietnam, moving is a necessity! According to the survey, over 80% of population prefer to go out during working day or on vacation than staying at home. Outdoor advertising, especially on moving vehicles easily enjoy attracting attention pedestrians and very effective.

This is a new form of outdoor advertising which strongly stimulated eyesight, applied for the first time in Vietnam.


Quảng cáo trên bánh xe đạp Electro Bike (Kino-mo display)

Moving on the street – Electro Bike (Kino-mo display)

Electro Bike (Kino-mo display

At a station


Electro Bike (Kino-mo display) trang trí tại shop

Electro Bike (Kino-mo display) Shop decorate


quảng cáo xe đạp điện electrobike tại minostop

Electro bike Ad at Ministop


Example video:

Overall survey in EU:

– 88% of respondents believe Bike-ad are noticeable.
– 96% of respondents believe Bike-ad are more impactful than billboards.
– 98% of respondents believe Bike-ad create a positive vision for the event.

Sugguested campaign:

– Bikes with brand images move around city hub.

-Bikes with brand advertisement move around event area.


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